The pioneers of waterproof drones. Daniras A/S is the official exclusive distributor of the worlds first waterproof drones in the Nordics. SwellPro is preferred for watershots, fishing, hunting or filming your waterskiing.


The only 360 degree underwater drone in the world.QYSEA is one of the worlds leading developers of underwater drones. Since they started developing, they have evolved into experts in movement, filming and photography. Some of the best drones in the world come from QYSEA.


C-fly develops and manufactures quadcopters of good quality. With several years experience as developers of drones, C-fly has managed to continuesly launch drones with a strong relation between price and quality.


3D Print






Industry standard 3D printers, available for home use. Anycubic is one of the world leaders in 3D printers for home use. The quality is high enough for professional use, but the printers are easy to use, and requires 0% technical skills.


CCTREE is a manufacturer of high quality 3D filaments. With one of the best ratios between between quality and price, CCTREE offers a large portfolio of materials.



Mobile / Tablet / Laptop







Mobile Office For Travelers. Amazing accessories for the frequent traveler, and for the flexible workstation. Ergonomic correct, practically invisible and extreme lightweight.


One of the largest manufacturers of tempered glass in Asia. Zeelot are continuus developing stronger and more functional protective glasses for smart appliances.


Pitaka was one of the first companies in the world to include magnets in their smartphone covers, enabling a strong set of functions like wireless charging on a magnetic charger. And they produce everything in Aramid fiber which is bulletproof!










OMRON Healthcare

The No. 1 Blood Pressure Monitors recommended by cardiologists worldwide. 
OMRON Healthcare also includes thermometers, scales, nebulizers and pain relievers.